Venison Stew (or Beef Stew)

I know it is hot as Hades out there! At least, here in Texas it is, but we’ve got to start thinking about deer season, fall comfort food and the holidays whether we like it or not! Fall starts in two, (yes that’s right!) days! Now, I’m sure where I live the thermometer will hit… Continue reading Venison Stew (or Beef Stew)

BBQ Baked Beans

To continue with my promise to give you some kick-booty sides for your summer grilling, here’s a recipe that’ll have ’em comin’ back for more! Now these beans are on the spicy side, so if that’s not your thing, I’ll give you some tips on how to put the fire out. If you’re making this… Continue reading BBQ Baked Beans

Memorial Day Deliciousness – Firecracker Corn &Texas Caviar!

Hey guys! Hope y’all had a blessed and relaxing Memorial Day! I just think it’s wonderful that our whole country takes a day off to honor those in our armed forces that have given their lives defending our great nation! Thank you to the sacrifice that their families have made as well. Memorial Day marks… Continue reading Memorial Day Deliciousness – Firecracker Corn &Texas Caviar!

Inaugural Post

Welcome to ChefAbilities! Want to learn to cook all that minimalistic fancy, schmancy restaurant food with microgreens and foam all over it? No? Me neither! Come on, who eats like that? I’m a Texas gal and down here, we EAT! This blog will hopefully guide you thru some cooking basics, teach you some recipe awesomeness… Continue reading Inaugural Post