Chicken Burrito Bowls! Quick & Easy!

So, I didn’t notice the one dead piece of cilantro now glaring at me in the picture until after my husband ate the whole plate! Guess what? I’m not perfect! Good news! That means no one has to be perfect in the kitchen to make a fabuloso, fast, family pleasing meal! Ok, confession. A Facebook… Continue reading Chicken Burrito Bowls! Quick & Easy!

Texas Chilaquiles

Hola! So sorry I didn’t post a recipe last week for you guys on the blog, but it was the week from H – E – double toothpicks! Resulting in the need for the best hangover breakfast cure ever………..Chilaquiles!!! Uh oh, maybe I just gave you TMI! But don’t worry, my hangovers are pretty mild… Continue reading Texas Chilaquiles